Cloud Based Fuel Management System Means No More Dip Testing

If you are making deliveries or scheduling your own deliveries you need to know:
  • When a fuel delivery is required
  • How much fuel is needed
  • The type of fuel to be delivered

By equipping your tank with a fuel level monitoring system and connecting it to the FMS you are able to monitor your fuel inventories without doing manual dips.

A smart system will allow you to automatically perform a tank dip and send an alert to notify you when deliveries are required.

A smart system will also notify you of any unusual change in a tank level that may indicate a tank failure or unauthorised access.


“The employees love this new system. It is much easier to fuel the vehicles because it recognizes the vehicle number and assigns the type of gas the vehicle requires.

We can enable or disable the employees from fueling within a matter of seconds, which is a great feature, and reconciliation is also a must have – especially in the State of New York.

Since we switched to the SmartFill GEN 2, product reconciliation has never been easier.” - David Richards


Discover more about Cloud Based Benefits of Fuel Systems

No Software Needed

Reduce Human Error

Saves You Time

Accurate Reporting

Claim All Your Rebates

Reduce Admin Overload

Reduce Fuel Loss

Eliminate Fuel Errors

Manage Fuel Deliveries

Increased Fuel Efficiency


Consider the Benefits of a SmartFill GEN 2

Data is recorded instantly online, with no need for special software (and it’s FREE to access!)

Inside, the components are easy to install if required.

Click-in and click-out design requires no special technical skills.

Control up to 4 fuel/oil dispensers, all delivering simultaneously Records fuel use for up to 2000 vehicles.

Records the past 5000 fuel issues in memory.

Uses secure vehicle keys, and driver PIN or keys to control access to fuel.

Restrict fuel usage by volume per vehicle/driver and/or time.

All data is stored securely in the unit and can be automatically uploaded to a secure website after each transaction.

Multiple communication options available for uploading data to the website: WiFi, 3G and Ethernet.

Large easy to read, color LCD display.

Modular design allows for rapid installation and repair.

The system can be used as a “preset” delivery system. This is ideal for lube trucks or workshop lube dispensing systems.

Suits just about any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter.

Housed in a tough, weatherproof enclosure.

High-quality lock and stainless steel door hinges, for use in all weather conditions outdoors.

Enclosure rating is IP66.

Proven reliability around the world in extremely hot, cold, dusty, windy and salty environments.

An extensive professional network of support Optional interface to other systems’ tank gauging. 

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