Top 8 Benefits A Cloud Based Fuel Management System Provides to Commercial Fuel Distributors

Top 8 Benefits A Cloud Based Fuel Management System Provides to Commercial Fuel Distributors

Nobody wants to spend money that is not going to give them a return on investment. With advances in technology come opportunities to generate revenue from previously unavailable or cost prohibitive channels. A cloud based fuel management system can open revenue streams that were previously unavailable to you.

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1. Pay As You Go

Sometimes customers want the convenience of a bulk fuel tank but don’t want to pay for the entire tank load of fuel upfront. With a fuel management system, you can set the price per gallon and bill your customers as they use fuel. Of course, the pay as you go price will be higher than bulk rate but lower than retail rate. The result is higher profits for you.


2. Provide Customer Required Reports

Some customers want detailed records for tax or other reasons. This can be a tedious and labor-intensive requirement. You can easily help them meet their requirement with a fuel management system that has a robust reporting system available. You have the option of either giving your customers access to the data they need or generating finished reports for them. Either way, this is an additional service that can generate revenue.


3. Multiple Customers Fuel From One Tank

When multiple contractors are operating on one site, you can provide fuel from one tank to service all vehicle needing that fuel type and track each user’s usage without human error or deception.  Smaller contractors that may not normally use your services now have access. This means you can sell more fuel and cover more job sites with fewer tanks.


4. Accept Fleet Cards

With an optional swipe card reader, your customers can use their existing fleet card and you can track and bill their usage.


5. Optimize Deliveries to Match Demand

You are not on site every day and sometimes job site problems halt or slow construction. This results in less consumption. With a remote reporting fuel level gauging system, you will know to delay a delivery without depending on manual dips.

Worse yet, the project may enter a new phase of construction and demand suddenly peaks. You will know to schedule a delivery to keep the project running and your customer happy.


6. Reduce Loss

The fuel management system will provide you with accurate records that detail who, when, where and by whom fuel was taken. It’s tough for customers to dispute charges when you have every transaction documented.


7. Reusable Technology

When a project is completed, you can move the tank and reprogram the fuel management system for your next customer’s requirements.

8. Emergency Response Good Citizen

In an emergency or disaster situation you may want to make fuel available to personnel or services that do not normally have access to a fuel location. You can remotely authorize temporary access to first responders, snow removal operators or whoever need access to the fuel and track the usage.


A cloud based fuel management system can:

  • Increase profits
  • Provide customer required reports
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Provide information required to optimize your delivery schedules
  • Minimize customer billing disputes
  • Be deployed time after time and continue generating revenue
  • Allows you to be a good citizen in times of emergency

SmartFill GEN 2 has all the functions you require from a fuel management system providing all the accurate data you need at your fingertips. Contact Fluid Management Technology for more information.


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