Why you need a fuel management system to manage fleet operating costs

Why you need a fuel management system to manage fleet operating costs

As a fleet manager in a transport, agriculture or mining company, you may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to managing your fleet operating costs. You are certainly not alone. With fluctuating fuel costs as well as rising fuel consumption, these are two main factors that can make fuel budgeting a very difficult process.

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The days of writing tedious hand written log sheets and manually costing for fuel for multiple sites are gone, thanks to an innovative fuel management system designed and manufactured by Fluid Management Technology called SmartFill GEN 2. Their technology can alleviate all major headaches and eliminate human error with their cloud based fuel accounting system.

The benefits of fleet management more than speak for themselves. Fleet owners must develop a plan to make it as efficient as possible. This can be done by investing in a fuel management system to manage fleet operating costs through fuel-optimization. 

Here are four benefits of having the right fuel management system to manage fleet operating costs.

  1. Improve fuel management 
    A fuel management system has the capability to provide automated information captured in real-time. Data is readily available, saving time and preventing human error. For instance, SmartFill GEN 2 fuel ordering can be automated and stored online. Even at the basic level users have far better ordering insights, and alerts are sent when tank levels get low.

  2. Improve fuel efficiency
    As a fleet manager, it is important to efficiently track and monitor fuel usage. A good fuel management system such as SmartFill GEN 2, designed and manufactured by Fluid Management Technology, provides reliable data to show how much fuel your driver and a vehicle has taken at any time, this results in numerous benefits such as accurate allocation of cost, greater vehicle maintenance, eliminates fuel wastage and minimizes fuel theft.

  3. Ease of information access
    One of the major advancements with a fuel management system is the ability to capture all fuel usage data automatically and store it online via networked communications, 3G, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Often customers are based in remote locations – and even in those areas, data is always available directly via a USB port on the unit or via accessing their accounts in the cloud.

  4. Accurately calculate taxes
    The fuel distribution business is one of the most complex and heavily regulated industries not only in the US but also throughout the world. The correct software allows you to quickly and accurately calculate rebates for tax purposes. Through SmartFill GEN 2 fuel reporting, claiming fuel tax rebates become a very quick and streamlined process, with easily accessible fuel management reports.

SmartFill GEN 2 has all the functions you require from a fuel management system providing all the accurate data you need at your fingertips. Contact Fluid Management Technology for more information.


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